Royal Casino party at the Ballroom

Royal Casino party at the Ballroom

Royal Casino party at the Ballroom


This New Year's Eve, the international glam house scene  will meet the hottest  djs in a casino-like scenery ...  Black tie, champagne and  neo-glam hype will marry in  a unique, themed New Year's Eve party that you will never forget.  Enjoy two stages, with  a line up  that will be envied by many global dancefloors!

Stage 1

Francesca Lombardo
Star Motel Band



Stage 2

Erick Volta

Slick Beats
Agent Greg

Chris IDH

The luxurious ballroom of   the Hilton  Αthens  will feature blackjack and roulette tables, impressive dancers, performers, jugglers, VVIP and VIP sections, black & white decorative elements , class &   glam, black velvet and atmospheric lighting, laser shows, fog machines, indoor fireworks ,  all of them overlooking the magnificent swimming pool of the Hilton!  


Danny Howells, one of the hotest djs of the global music industry, will be there!  From his first steps as a dj in Bedrock Nights Parties in his native city to the ten hours dj sets in New York, his love and  passion for music has a distinctive, eclectic "Deep-Sexy-Futuristic-Funk-House" style. Francesca Lombardo will dj to  confirm that she is the most upcoming female dj. On the same evening, the unpredictable, heretic Eric Volta will seduce you in dance floor carrying the air of London and Berlin's aura!


The local scene is represented  by : Star Motel Band, Skinny, Slick Beats, Agent Greg, Valeron, Chris IDH, Janelle


The affordable luxury of Hilton New Year's Eve paty  is offered with tickets starting from €15 in presale until the 29th of December!



Public stores

Hilton Front Desk 


Tickets at the entrance of the event will cost €20.


For reservations:


€170 a bottle/6 persons at a stand  + 1 BOTTEGA gold

€210 a bottle/6 people at a sofa with table + 1 BOTTEGA gold

270 a bottle/6 people at a sofa with table in front of the dj decks + 1 BOTTEGA gold


Hilton Athens hotel 46 Vassilissis Sofias Avenue Athens, 11528, Greece Telephone: 0030 210 7281000