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The Shepherdess' Love (from 11 October)

Setting aside folklore and tradition, director Petros Zoulias presents a story full of love , intrigue, fear, discovery, catharsis and pride, while his heroes speak of love and death. Comedy and drama alternate, orthodoxy battles superstition, and light triumphs over darkness in this poetic, folk project. Pallas Theatre, http://www.ticket365.gr/

Flower Installation by Rebecca Louise Law (through 30 June 2015)

The Onassis Cultural Centre is collaborating for the second year with the Double Decker team of curators to present an installation that showcases the spaces outside the theatres. After the original installation by Sebastien Preschoux with colourful threads “wrapping” the foyer, British artist Rebecca Louise Law transforms the entrance to the Centre with 11,000 flowers and creates an environment that will be on display until next summer. A continually evolving work of art, the installation welcomes and bids farewell to all visitors to the Centre, while reflecting its developing and diverse nature. Onassis Cultural Centre, http://www.sgt.gr/

Rocky Horror Show (from 17 October)

The legendary musical celebrates its 40th anniversary in Athens! The cult mania of the most rock ‘n roll musical of all time, written by the actor Richard O’Brien to offset the monotony of unemployment, simultaneously pays homage to and satirizes science fiction B-movies. Starring Maximus Moumouris, Nadia Boule and Yiorgos Mazonakis, and directed by Konstantinos Rigos. REX Theatre

Hellenic Renaissance: The Architecture of Theophilos Hansen (22 October - 18 January)

The Academy of Athens and the National Library, the two emblematic buildings of Panepistimiou Street, and the Observatory and Zappeion Museum, are all the creations of Theophilos Hansen, who is rightly considered the father of the Athenian Neoclassicism that characterized 19th century Athens. Under the auspices of the Austrian and Danish embassies and sponsored by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. B & M Theocharakis Foundation for the Fine Arts & Music, http://www.thf.gr/

Venia Dimitrakopoulou: Bastions (6 November - 8 February)

Bastions  by Venia Dimitrakopoulou is an iron sculptural installation on a monumental. The work refers to a hypothetical conflict situation, of guarding the ramparts in the resistance. Equally powerful to the heavy materials used in the project, is the presence of both the shadow, which is created naturally and by artificial means, and the sound - intangible elements that introduce the dimension of time and the movement of the installation - commenting on the nature and the limits of the sculptural form and its materiality. Benaki Museum, http://www.benaki.gr/

Stamatia, Nee Argyropoulou (11 October - 11 January)

Born in Athens in the mid 1930s, she was the daughter of a high level official, raised in the morality of the time and engaged to a Captain of the National Army. She lives in the garden of her home, unable to participate and accept the world around her. Eleni Ouzounidou portrays the heroine of author Kostas Sotiriou, directed by Vangelis Theodoropoulos. The Theatre of the New World, http://nkt.gr/

The Depiction of Death in the Work of El Greco (14 November – 8 February)

The Burial of Christ by Dominikos Theotokopoulos is the central exhibit of a small tribute to the work of the artist, accompanied by the two Pieta (Lamentation). The exhibition of the works of El Greco will give visitors the opportunity to experience first-hand the unique world heritage works on the universal theme of death and the immortality of the soul. Museum of Cycladic Art, http://www.cycladic.gr/

Dominikos Theotokopoulos: Before El Greco, (19 November – 31 March)

What kind of environment was Dominikos Theotokopoulos born in? Where did he study and work? How did the Cretan painters work at that time? On the 400th anniversary of the death of El Greco, the exhibition illuminates the social and artistic environment of Crete, the environment that formed the character of Dominikos Theotokopoulos before his departure for Venice. The Byzantine & Christian Museum, http://www.byzantinemuseum.gr/

The Christmas Factory (28 November - 6 January)

The Christmas Factory … or where dreams are made! The home of Santa, the toy workshop, the digital Christmas space, the Christmas market, the Fun Park and sweets factory all comprise a theme park of European standards, which comes alive with elves, fairies and gnomes to reveal the secrets of our dreams to its young friends and older guests! Technopolis, http://thechristmasfactory.gr/

Floor plan: the view of a space from above (21 November - 7 December)

What is the relationship between architecture and art photography? Are they two separate worlds or are they, in fact, complementary? The exhibition explores the relationship between architectural photography and artistic composition, and highlights the importance of perspective. 

Free admission.  SNFCC Visitors Center. Information: 210 8778396/8 or email at  visitorscenter@snfcc.org

The Dowries (11-21 December)

Dowry: an institution that defined the lives of women. A lifetime of work, a family investment, a marriage fee, and proof of worthiness. Negotiating cross stitch, dropping stitches, tangling embroidery threads and diving into the holes opened by her grandmother’s needles, Kanella Arapoglou changes the patterns of the past, draws over the memories, undoes her family’s handiwork and rebuilds her dowry. With her personal heritage as a starting point, she creates works out of diverse materials and techniques, giving new form to traditional dowries and proposing her own solutions while embroidering the dowries of a new era. Ismos Art Centre, 17 Evpatridon St. & Triptolemou St., www.ismos.gr

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