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Flower Installation by Rebecca Louise Law (through 30 June 2015)

The Onassis Cultural Centre is collaborating for the second year with the Double Decker team of curators to present an installation that showcases the spaces outside the theatres. After the original installation by Sebastien Preschoux with colourful threads “wrapping” the foyer, British artist Rebecca Louise Law transforms the entrance to the Centre with 11,000 flowers and creates an environment that will be on display until next summer. A continually evolving work of art, the installation welcomes and bids farewell to all visitors to the Centre, while reflecting its developing and diverse nature. Onassis Cultural Centre, http://www.sgt.gr/

Venia Dimitrakopoulou: Bastions (6 November - 8 February)

Bastions  by Venia Dimitrakopoulou is an iron sculptural installation on a monumental. The work refers to a hypothetical conflict situation, of guarding the ramparts in the resistance. Equally powerful to the heavy materials used in the project, is the presence of both the shadow, which is created naturally and by artificial means, and the sound - intangible elements that introduce the dimension of time and the movement of the installation - commenting on the nature and the limits of the sculptural form and its materiality. Benaki Museum, http://www.benaki.gr/

The Depiction of Death in the Work of El Greco (14 November – 8 February)

The Burial of Christ by Dominikos Theotokopoulos is the central exhibit of a small tribute to the work of the artist, accompanied by the two Pieta (Lamentation). The exhibition of the works of El Greco will give visitors the opportunity to experience first-hand the unique world heritage works on the universal theme of death and the immortality of the soul. Museum of Cycladic Art, http://www.cycladic.gr/

Dominikos Theotokopoulos: Before El Greco, (19 November – 31 March)

What kind of environment was Dominikos Theotokopoulos born in? Where did he study and work? How did the Cretan painters work at that time? On the 400th anniversary of the death of El Greco, the exhibition illuminates the social and artistic environment of Crete, the environment that formed the character of Dominikos Theotokopoulos before his departure for Venice. The Byzantine & Christian Museum, http://www.byzantinemuseum.gr/

A Man for All Seasons (from 20 November)

England, 6th Century. King Henry VIII wants to divorce his wife Catherine to marry Anne Boleyn and father a male heir, thus securing the sovereignty of the House of Tudor. His plans provoke reactions from both the Vatican and his own court. Directed by Vangelis Theodoropoulos, Robert's Bolt play, features some of the best Greek thespians including: Yiorgos Michalopoulos, Yiorgos Moschidis, Manos Vakousis, Dimitris Piatas, Anneza Papadopoulou and Stefania Goulioti. National Theatre, Nikos Kourkoulos Stage, 22 Agiou Konstantinou St., www.n-t.gr

12 Labours of Hercules (from 12 December)

Hercules: the strongest and most popular hero of Greek Mythology, the ideal combination of the divine and human nature, whose goal is to save the Greek world from evil. A myth based on a real warrior destined to suffer more than any other. The production is suitable for the entire family. The story was written by the poet Stratis Paschalis, while professor Yiannis Lignadis oversaw the dramatic structure. Sakis Rouvas takes on the role of Hercules.

Pantheon Thea-tre, 166 Pireos St., www.pantheontheater.gr

Hamlet (14 January - 1 February 2015)

A pinnacle in the art of theatre and a foundational text of European culture, Hamlet is a challenge  for every theatre-maker. For his first collaboration with the Onassis Cultural Centre, Yiannis Houvardas embraces risk in this reading of Shakespeare’s poetic masterpiece, which features Christos Loulis as Hamlet and Amalia Moutousi in the role of Gertrude.

Onassis Cultural Centre, 107 Syngrou Ave., www.sgt.gr

Landscapes 2010 - 2014 (21 January - 1 March 2015)

Panagiotis Tetsis focuses his gaze on the unimaginably beautiful island of Hydra, presenting a different point of view of the island’s unsurpassed beauty though his sensuous colours. His black and white landscapes in Indian ink allow the surprising sense of the unexpected darkness in life to break through. On 28 February, in the framework of the exhibition, children are guided through the exhibits, participating in special education programmes designed by museum educators and experience a one-of-a-kind night-time adventure, surrounded by valuable works of art from 6.00 pm on Saturday until 10.00 am on Sunday!

B & M Foundation for the Fine Arts & Music, 9 Vasilisis Sofias St., www.thf.gr

Tristan and Isolde (23, 27, 31 January & 4 February 2015)

The Orchestra and Choir of the National Opera present Wagner’s opera Tristan and Isolde, one of the masterpieces of world musical literature; a musical classic of the Romantic Era, a feverishly emotional production, whose innovations in harmony changed the course of music. According to director Yiannis Kokkos, “it is an ode to the night when Love and Death joined forces to eradicate the limits of time and space.”

Athens Concert Hall, Vas. Sofias & 1 Kokkali St., www.megaron.gr

Curtis Fuller (6 - 9 February 2015)

Trombonist Curtis Fuller is the personification of post-bob developments from the mid-fifties to the present day. Known for his work on the John Coltraine’s legendary album Blue Train, he has also collaborated with jazz legends Bud Powell, Miles Davis, Sonny Clark and Jimmy Smith. At the age of 79, his lyrical improvisation is as strong as ever and his personality continues to shine through.

Half Note Jazz Club, 17 Tivonianou St., Metz,


Α Jewel Made in Greece (8 - 15 February)

The exhibition that opened in Technopolis in the Municipality of Athens in February 2014 is returning in 2015 to present some of the most talented craftsmen of modern Greek jewellery - under the auspices of the Ministry of Development and Competitiveness, the National Archaeological Museum, the Numismatic Museum and the Ilias Lalaounis Jewellery Museum. Visual designer Mary Samoli is the driving force behind the exhibition, which is curated by art historian Iris Kritikou.

Technopolis, Gazi. www.technopolis-athens.com

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