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  • Athens Calendar of Events


Rhesus, by Euripides (through 9 August)

Rhesus, the controversial tragedy by Euripides based on Book 10 of The Iliad, forms the core of Katerina Evangelatou’s new production for the Athens Festival. Staged at Aristotle’s Lyceum, one of the three oldest ancient gymnasia in the city, this innovative performance transforms a walk into a theatrical event. The space of the Lyceum converses with palimpsest of the city, the words of Euripides are interspersed with extracts from the works of the philosopher of Stagira, and the members of the audiences, themselves wanderers on this twilight walk, experience the timeless city-theatre. In Greek, with English subtitles.

Vassilis Vrettos - Photography (through 31 July)

The Mise en abyme (The Self within the Self) exhibition features the “stories behind the story” of both unknown and famous heroes, who were asked to stage themselves and their surroundings for the camera, and to provide any necessary props. In this way, they deconstruct and reconstruct their compatible identity. The term “mise en abyme” –which identifies with its primary interpretation, i.e. medieval heraldic symbols and their place in the cosmic abyss, art and literature– refers to the image contained within the image, or the plot within the plot.

Electra, by Euripides (through 26 September)

The Circle of Ancient Drama, a new annual event dedicated to ancient drama, which will present high-quality productions during the summer months in Athens, directed by the most important Greek theatrical directors and featuring leading actors, opens this year with Electra. The event seeks to introduce visitors and theatregoers of the city to the myths, history, ideals and spirit of Ancient Greece, with productions presented in Greek accompanied by foreign language surtitles. Marina Aslanoglou in the title role of Electra, directed by Spyros Evangelatos.

Carmen, by Georges Bizet - National Opera (26, 28, 30 & 31 July)

The tragic story of Carmen, as depicted in Bizet’s beloved opera –which so scandalised the public in the 19th century, whilst paving the way for the operatic theatre with its musical and dramaturgical innovations– continues to move audiences with both its passion and melodic tone. The most popular opera in the French repertoire, with wonderful arias and a strong choir, Carmen will be presented under the baton of the Myron Michailidis, Artistic Director of the National Opera, and directed by leading British director and Artistic Director of the Opera Gothenburg, Steven Langritz, and featuring renowned soloists from Greece and abroad.

Iphigenia in Tauris by Euripides (7 & 8 July)

Thomas Moschopoulos returns to Epidaurus with one of the most popular plays in antiquity, which, however, does not possess the characteristics that would easily classify it as a tragedy. “Written at a particularly challenging period for the Republic of Athens, it could be described as an offering of hope and tender consolation on the part of Euripides.” It is a masterfully constructed play, filled with lyricism, which became a point of reference for the subsequent European humanist tradition and the Enlightenment. The production stars Amalia Moutousi, Yiorgos Chryssostomou and Anna Kalaitzidou, with music by Kornilios Selamsis.

Samos Young Artists Festival (7-13 August)

Although held some distance from the capital, the Samos Young Artists Festival remains one of the most important events of the summer, taken over in recent years by the Schwartz Foundation. It welcomes Ancient Theatre to the port of Pythagorion on Samos, inviting young, talented international artists to spend a week on the front line island and participate in an artistic event that aims to contribute to a deeper understanding of our fellow man through art. A creative work platform, where cultural views and musical dialogues can be exchanged, at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, the Festival forms an eclectic meeting point for artists from all over the world, from the West to the East.

Moreover, Art Space Pythagorion will be hosting the exhibition of internationally acclaimed artist Aleksandra Domanovic, of the Internet generation, who recently received the Ars Viva 2014/15 Award, from 20 July to 10 October 2015.

Prometheus Bound, by Aeschylus (21 & 22 August)

A solitary rebel, Prometheus defies Zeus by gifting mankind with fire. His punishment is merciless. The disobedient Titan is tormented on an isolated rock until he and the Oceanids are cast into the abyss by Zeus’ thunderbolt. A tragedy with a philosophical and political background, the poetic masterpiece by Aeschylus examines issues including freedom of will and the questioning of power, among others.

Nights of Classical Music (21, 22, 24 & 25 August)

The intercultural values of the Schwartz Foundation meet the tradition and history of the Gennadius Library, which contains over 125,000 rare books, archives, manuscripts and research materials. With the support of the Curtis Institute, one of the most selective music conservatories in the world, which continues to make its contribution to history and music and boasts alumni such as Leonard Bernstein, the Library and Foundation present an event guaranteed to animate the cultural landscape of Athens, hosting important musicians at their new event: Nights of Classical Music. Free admission. 

The Charm of the Voice - Athens State Orchestra (2 September)

With a lyrical and light disposition, the Athens State Orchestra presents extracts from treasured operas and operettas by Beethoven, Weber, Lechár, Verdi and other composers. The vocal parts will be sung by German soprano Karen Leiber, who has performed in many renowned opera houses of Europe, and has made distinguished appearances in popular roles from both the classical and modern operatic repertoire. Why not indulge in the charm of the lyrical voice and enjoy the beauty of classic opera while sitting on the grass of the Athens Concert Hall Garden, with the lights of the city as a backdrop…

Breakin’ Mozart (4 September)

World champion breakdancing crew DDC, award-winning musician Echo, conductor and opera director Christoph Hagel, and soprano Anna Krauja join forces and overturn the stereotypes of classical music and breakdancing. Young dancers rise to the challenge of Mozart and combine breakdancing and with the music of the child prodigy from Vienna for the first time in history. The works of Mozart are heard in the production in an entirely new way, played live on the piano by Christoph Hagel, and in orchestral versions with hip-hop remixes and loud techno beats.

Yiorgos Gounaropoulos and the Poetry of Symbolism (from 16 September)

The Theocharakis Foundation is pleased to present over 150 oil paintings and drawings by renowned painter Yiorgos Gounaropoulos, who was one of the pioneers of modernism in Greece. The artist, whose momentous body of work contributed to the evolution of art, embarked on his great artistic career, with an exhibition at the Vavin-Raspail Gallery that surprised critics and artists alike. The artist known as Gounaro, the name with which he signed his work, began to establish his position in the art world.

Alkinoos Ioannidis (18 September)

Beloved songwriter Alkinoos Ioannis visits the Athens Concert Hall Garden and lights up an autumn evening with a concert featuring old favourites and new orchestrations with only acoustic string instruments. A starring role is played by an unusual string quartet in these original orchestrations, where the bouzouki, which Ioannidis uses for the first time in his compositions, takes the place of the violin.

Mamma Mia (8-18 October)

A delightful story of love, laughter and friendship, set on an idyllic Greek island to the timeless and beloved music of ABBA, featuring songs including Mamma Mia, Dancing Queen, Take a Chance on Me, Money Money Money, The Winner Takes it All, Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!, Super Trouper, Knowing Me Knowing You, SOS and many more. Mamma Mia has found unprecedented success in over 440 cities, 49 productions, in 17 different languages, and has broken all sales records with over 54 million tickets sold worldwide. It is in its 17th year in the West End of London, and is the 8th longest running show on Broadway.

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