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Hagia Sophia – 1,500 years of history (19.12.2015 to 31.12.2016)

Tholos, the new virtual reality theatre of the Foundation of the Hellenic World at the Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Centre presents a completely digital representation of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. Visitors are invited to embark on a unique journey of discovery. The interior of the church is represented in full detail, as well as its architectural design, sculptural and mosaic decoration. Moreover, the different phases of construction of the monument are also presented, and important historical, social and economic aspects of Byzantine life. The most “amazing” aspect of the new production is that viewers participate, answering questions during the tour. The Hagia Sophia, a spiritual and political symbol of the Byzantine Empire, a marvel of Byzantine architecture, has prevailed to the present day despite adversity, and is a monument of world cultural heritage. Duration: 45 minutes.

Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Centre, 254 Pireos St., Tavros, www.hellenic-cosmos.gr

Histrionics (Der Theatermacher) – Thomas Bernhard (19.03 το 23.04.2016)

“I speak, therefore I am.” All works of the paradoxical Austrian writer are a perpetual monologue. Heroes who talk incessantly in a relay of thousands of words. The great and sarcastic author of the post-war world grapples with his favourite topic: speaking of the theatre and its people, as well as his tragicomic dimension and emptiness. Themes tend to repeat themselves in his world and alternate like musical motifs: the decay of the body, the defeat of thought and the futility of human efforts. Artistes, actors, opera singers, philosophers and generals compose a single person with three sides: the successful genius, the failed genius and the narrator. The rest is words, not silence; words of a Clown-God.

Porta Theatre, 59 Mesogeion Ave., www.porta-theatre.gr


Stamatia, née Argyropoulou (through 12 September)

Born in Athens in the mid 1930s, she was the daughter of a high level official, raised in the morality of the time and engaged to a Captain of the National Army. She lives in the garden of her home, unable to participate in and accept the world around her. Eleni Ouzounizou portrays the heroine of writer Kostas Sotiriou, directed by Vangelis Theodoropoulos 

Papagou Garden Theatre & Tour, www.nkt.gr

Plutus (Wealth) - Aristophanes (through 15 September)

The leading comedic writer of antiquity examines the compromise of values with his customary discernment and precision. The main theme embraces the piercing criticism of the political, social, ethical and economic crisis that is the fallen Athenian democracy, in modern, bold language. Aristophanes strips down his leaders and makes his bid for a fair state, developing his concerns for the unequal distribution of wealth and the sudden burst of corruption.

Athens and Epidaurus Festival & Tour, www.viva.gr

Dimitra Galani - Eleni Tsaligopoulou - Yiota Nega (through 23 September)

Three women. Three performers. Three distinct paths. With joy and tremendous respect, their music stirs in our memories –songs that have withstood the test of time, in both original and remixed versions. Hadjidakis, Theodorakis, Tsitsanis, Papaioannou, Xarchakos, Loizos, Zampettas, as well as Panou, Kaldaras, Mitsakis, Moutsis, Spanos and Nikolopoulos. The music of these great composers intermingles with that of Smyrna, traditional songs, and modern tunes, in a simple yet magical way. “We want every performance to be a celebration!

Petras Theatre & Tour, www.prospero.com.gr

Musical evenings in the Athens Concert Hall Garden (through 23 September)

With the scent of international outdoor music festivals, the garden offers a delightful break in routine, while the lights of the city shimmer in the background. This year, a series of concerts featuring renowned artists, orchestras and choirs offer a unique tone to summer and autumn evening in the city – Arleta & Lakis Papadopoulos, Petros Klampanis Brazilian Project, Thanos Mikroutsikos & Miltos Paschalidis, Attika Plucked String Orchestra, Academica of Athens, Fivos Delivorias, and the Athens State Orchestra 

Athens Concert Hall, Vasililis Sophias Avenue & 1 Kokkali Str., www.megaron.gr

Wood of the Sea 2010-2016 - Sotiris Sorogas (through 25 September)

Over thirty paintings of monumental dimensions, in charcoal and acrylic on canvas, reveal the strength and cohesion of a world visionary through his extraordinary perception of the Greek landscape. “The history of every place in Greece is often intertwined with both the ancient legend surrounding it and the existence of mysterious manifestations in the bright light that identifies it. Finally, as it has often been reported in the past, this god-inspired relevance that is light, myth, history and place, retains the fundamental characteristics of all Greek art expressions, from Homer and Ancient Tragedy to the present day,” says the artist 

B & M Theocharakis Foundation, 9 Vasilisis Sofias Avenue, www.thf.gr

Antigone - Sophocles (through 30 September)

The first co-production between the largest institutions of Greek theatre was awarded to Stathis Livathinos, who chose to present Sophocles’ masterpiece “Antigone”, bringing three generations of actors to the stage. This work, one of the best Ancient Greek dramas, explores the theme of conflict between the laws of ethics and the laws of the state, and reaches its climax when the two heroes corroborate their tragic circumstances, clinging on to their principles to the fateful end.

National Theatre, National Theatre of Northern Greece, Cyprus Theatre Organisation, the Athens and Epidaurus Festival & Tour, www.n-t.gr

Τhe Equilibrists (through 9 October)

The Equilibrists is a project organised by the New Museum, New York and the DESTE Foundation in collaboration with the Benaki Museum of Athens, and features the works of a new generation of Greek and Cypriot artists working domestically and abroad. The 33 artists and collaborations in the exhibition have adopted radically diverse approaches towards reflecting and engaging with the world around them. Working across painting, sculpture, drawing, film & video and performance, the artists capture the fragility of the present moment through a shared approach to materiality.

Benaki Museum, Pireos Street Annexe, www.benaki.gr

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