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Three Sisters – Anton Chekov (19.02 to 05.06.2016)

To the Poreia, my sisters, to the Poreia. Written in 1901, at the turn of the 20th century, the play is about expectation. The playwright characterises it as a “comedy” and brings each character face to face with their hopes, worries and the reality of a merciless time. The exiled heroines live within the confines of a narrow family unit, keeping the hope alive that they will return to Moscow, the ideal city of their childhood, without any effort on their part.

Poreia Theatre, 3-5 Trikorfon St., Victoria Square, www.poreiatheatre.com

Hagia Sophia – 1,500 years of history (19.12.2015 to 31.12.2016)

Tholos, the new virtual reality theatre of the Foundation of the Hellenic World at the Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Centre presents a completely digital representation of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. Visitors are invited to embark on a unique journey of discovery. The interior of the church is represented in full detail, as well as its architectural design, sculptural and mosaic decoration. Moreover, the different phases of construction of the monument are also presented, and important historical, social and economic aspects of Byzantine life. The most “amazing” aspect of the new production is that viewers participate, answering questions during the tour. The Hagia Sophia, a spiritual and political symbol of the Byzantine Empire, a marvel of Byzantine architecture, has prevailed to the present day despite adversity, and is a monument of world cultural heritage. Duration: 45 minutes.

Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Centre, 254 Pireos St., Tavros, www.hellenic-cosmos.gr

Dear Elena – Ludmilla Razumovskaya (10.10.2015 to 22.05.2016)

Russian playwright Ludmilla Razumovskaya delivers an excellent play featuring the period of disintegration of Russia that has a global reach. A conflict the likes of which we are currently facing in our country is introduced in the world of the work: that of the crumbling Soviet Union. A timeless conflict between generations is presented in the fluid framework comprising the stagnant present and unknown future. The generations in the play by Ludmilla Razumovskaya take up offensive positions, with the young seeking fulfilment of their expectations and the older generation feeling perplexed in light of their years of experience. A conflict where the people represent two hostile worlds and will ultimately fail to surmount the severe consequences.

Epi Kolono, 12 Nafpliou & 94 Lenorman Street, www.epikolono.gr

Yorgos Gounaropoulos (09.03 to 13.05.2016

“My aim is the redemption of man through painting rather than issues. I move in three-dimensional light. I enclose my painting in a transparent sphere so the viewer can better experience the cosmogonic origin of the substance of the painting.” The painter, a great exponent of the 30s, through aestheticism, symbolism, internal synthetic structure and rhythmic line of the more than eighty representative life works presented in the exhibition, reveals the personal tone of his artistic career, from Paris to Athens, easily demonstrating his above-mentioned beliefs. (through 13 May).

B. & M. Foundation, 9 Vasilissis Sophias Avenur, www.thf.gr

Always starts with an encounter – Radio Athènes (17.03 to 08.05.2016)

The Radio Athènes contemporary art institute presents the “Always starts with an encounter” exhibition, featuring the images of German photographer Alfred Otto Wolfgang Schulze (1913-1951, who was known as Wols, and American artist Eileen Quinlan (1972 -). The exhibition comprises an “encounter” of familiar objects – cheese, beans, mud, flesh, cloths, a hand or a face – producing indelible imprints, representations of temporal operations and elemental materiality. The double exhibition of two artists separated by time, historical circumstances and distinct photographic processes, functions as a field where parallels are created (the game of permutations) and open questions (the photograph as a material object). 

Museum of Cycladic Art, Vas. Sofias Ave. & 1 Irodotou St. www.cycladic.gr

Metamorphosis: The SNFCC to the World 23.06 to 26.06.2016)

Τhe Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) will open its doors to the public, presenting a multifaceted program of activities. During the 4-day event Metamorphosis: The SNFCC to the World, the SNFCC will be introduced to the world, welcoming visitors to a new meeting point of artistic, educational and athletic happenings. Music concerts, video screenings, performances, athletics and creative activities for the whole family, will compile a rich program of events. The full program of events will be announced soon. Free admission.

(For your convenience, you can use the free shuttle bus service which connects the Visitors Center with Syggrou - Fix metro station).

Visitors Center of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, www.snfcc.org

Histrionics (Der Theatermacher) – Thomas Bernhard (19.03 το 23.04.2016)

“I speak, therefore I am.” All works of the paradoxical Austrian writer are a perpetual monologue. Heroes who talk incessantly in a relay of thousands of words. The great and sarcastic author of the post-war world grapples with his favourite topic: speaking of the theatre and its people, as well as his tragicomic dimension and emptiness. Themes tend to repeat themselves in his world and alternate like musical motifs: the decay of the body, the defeat of thought and the futility of human efforts. Artistes, actors, opera singers, philosophers and generals compose a single person with three sides: the successful genius, the failed genius and the narrator. The rest is words, not silence; words of a Clown-God.

Porta Theatre, 59 Mesogeion Ave., www.porta-theatre.gr


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